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This blog is dedicated to both fiction and non-fiction. My personal favorites in fiction are mainly contemporary romance, suspense thriller,  historical fiction and YA then in non-fiction, I love to review inspirational, self-improvement and finance related books. I review outside these genres also because of the fact I love to read.

The Promise

The Promise - Nikita Singh Wow...I was totally awestruck by the author's tremendous way of writing.I couldn't really get my eyes off reading this sensational novel even for a nanosecond.Nikita Singh kept me hooked onto the book until the very end.Her great writing, right choice of characters, mature writing and her use of bold sentences in the beginning of each chapters to quote the depth of the scene was really thoughtful.I almost finished reading this novel within two-three hours.The promise is a story of two opposite people who accidentally meetup by fate and fall in love, then breakup due to misunderstandings that cannot be glued that easily. Shambahavi is a 23 year old,young carefree, bubbly interior designer who takes life as and when it comes .While Arjun is a 29 year old very strict ,emotionless and arrogant and selfish businessman whom any girl never wishes to have for in their life.What if these two meet up and hit it off so badly filled madly in love and break off for some ruthless reason?That is what happens in this particular story.The novel starts off at a snail pace but when it moves further and further, it goes off at a blistering pace then once again comes down.The conversations are the main strength of this astonishing novel.To my pleasant surprise everything in the novel was just so.....perfect. I liked each and every line of it.My favorite supporting characters are almost everyone as the characters are very very limited but i loved the way how the author has portrayed Shambhavi's father.For instance, when she says she is dumped by her boyfriend with his child, at this point he should be very angry rather all he says is one word 'okay', it tells it all and also loved Mili and Tutul for their immense support to their best friend in trouble.I had a great past time reading this extremely fascinating novel.The first half made me all go laughing and giggling while the latter part made me cry(i even shed some tears) and sympathize for Shambahvi and also Arjun, when he finally realized what he has done to her although the damage he caused cannot be repaired that easily which he damn well knows.Overall, there is nothing to dislike in the story.This is a must read

Tantra (The Anu Files, #1)

Tantra - Adi I have to appreciate the author for choosing a right choice of cover image for his first book-it invited me :) :)to read and like every page of it in the first place. As i'm also a huge fan of Vampire diaries, I was really looking forward to reading this fascinating novel about Vampires and vampire hunters. About the bookTantra by Adi is an action packed paranormal thriller with a very strong ravishing female lead Anu Aggarwal. The author's depiction of her as a leather wearing, no nonsense girl was fine but I was expecting more and more details of her love life in New York city as it was the ultimate reason she comes to New Delhi-to find her boyfriend's killer(a vampire) and avenge his death.Then the story swings around her personal life and her professional life withher aunt Nina who knows nothing of her night life as a vampire hunter wants her to marry off and settle down, so she pushes her into the idea of an arranged marriage. While Anu, who thought Vampires and Ghouls were the only dangerous thing in New Delhi was shocked to find an evil sage, Baba Seneka who happens to be worshipped by many people including big politicians and film stars was behind the killings of many innocent children.What is more abominable and horrifying was that this shameless tantric was only practicing into killing those helpless children only to make his grand ritual of killing two hundred more children a big success. Anu who wouldn’t allow such things to happen seeks help from Dr.Sharma, Pandit Grover and Karta , who help her to win the battle and save the innumerable children. The ending was highly predictable.My favorite character after Anu is Amit who is very hilarious and often cracks jokes at Anu and they would make a nice pair if not for Chandra and Gaurav. After finished reading this book, I was drastically disappointed with the story as it contained merely one notable vampire, Chandra. His character reminded me of Damon in Vampire Diaries, and also I wanted to see more of him in the story ahead but sadly he had three-four good scenes.But on the whole, I really enjoyed reading this novel about Tantra which I think is a brand new term in the novel history of India, and my expectations are now even higher on the upcoming series.DislikesThe main drawback of this novel was the way too much usage of Sanskrit words and the ramblings thereafter, which was very irritating at one point and then I found it hard to resist. Other than that the author has really done a great job by making a rattling good story which is nothing less of a movie.Thoughtful quotes from Tantra"The universe is vast, and we are a small part of its greatness.God is the embodiment of that vastness, the source and the end of everything.There is no good.There is no evil.It is all an illusion manifest.""The Muslims have a wonderful and apt saying-Insha's Allah-if it is the will of God, it will happen."

Shark & The Wolf: Predators and Prey: The billiards term Pool Shark comes to life.

Shark & The Wolf: Predators and Prey - Daniel D. Shields I seriously don't know how to review this book.For me it was a different experience reading this book.This is my first time reading this kind of book.Shark and the wolf is a great mixture of both fun and mystery where only in this book the villains include the humans to the animals.I think the author loves animals so much that is why he has made main characters such as Shark, wolf, Dog Z Boy, foxie Vixen, etc.I felt like the first few pages were little boring and also had few issues like for example, the abnormal love between the animals.But i was totally able to drop this as it could spoil me reading the book entirely.Despite that it was a fun experience reading the book.I liked Shark and Vixen as a couple.When Old Jack beat Vixen so badly, i sympathized for her and Shark.But i also hated Vixen so much in the first place as it was all her mistake and stupidity that led to their friends captivation by Old Jack and Shaw.But I loved the way the author has let his imagination flow throughout the book.After reading this book i got the full satisfaction of watching a good animation movie.The ending was very cute with deceased Dog z boy's three pups playing with Shark.Finally, I have to thank the author for two things-First -for giving me a signed paperback copySecond-for taking me to a different world set around animals.

House of the Lost

House of the Lost - Sarah Rayne I grabbed this novel from the library as a random choice.But when i started reading this novel only i realized this is not a novel that should be read as yet another novel.Despite the compelling cover image, the novel really stands out amid the creepy plot.The author's meticulous way of writing gave me the impression that i am actually gone out of this present world and i never realized that i was totally lost into the story .The house of the lost is a rattling good story.The voice of this book is the book itself but it really doesn't matter as i was able to connect with the story and the inside characters very well.The author Sarah Rayne has well told the story of Theo Kendal, a writer who inherits the property of his cousin Charmery after her brutal murder.Like every other novels, the killer is unknown.But her novel is not entirely about finding out who the killer is and what's his ulterior motive behind killing.The main protgonist, Theo never expected to visit Fenn House which was passed on to him after his deceased cousin Charmery because he believed it would cause trouble into his stable life.He makes a sudden visit to the house which is now haunted by the memories of Charmery and his own characters in the book that he is writing.What happens when all the characters he has imagined for his new novel becomes real and not only they are real but also many of them are now alive.What is more gripping is they all have connections to Charmery's death. Although there were many characters in the novel, there is no baffle as to which character is who .This novel can be split into three short novels.The story of Theo and Charmery and thier unatural love, then Theo's novel of Mathew and Mara, and a separate gothic story about the lesbians, Annaleise and Zoia. Overall, I could say this is a novel written out of great intelligence and brilliance.

Serial Killers (World Famous)

Serial Killers (World Famous) - Colin and Damon Wilson Shocking


Ivanhoe - Loved this story from the beginning.The characters are easily floating and also i felt the narrative very impressing.

Party of Five

Party of Five - Vasileios Kalampakas This is not a usual kind of story i normally read.Party of five is a fantasy short novel which made me laugh from the beginning of the story.The story begins with Parcifal and her younger sister by one minute, Lernea landing in a city that is totally new to them.The two sisters enter in a huge fight that seems never ending until their money gets robbed by a dwarf who calls himself , a halfuin. Both the sisters search for the dwarf vigorously and he gets caught in the process. These three are the main characters in the story.There are other interesting characters that make the story quite attractive to read.For some reasons, i didn't like the whole story, because i think the author has lost out of ideas and doesn't really know how to execute the story at the end.

The Bridge of Dead Things

The Bridge of Dead Things (The Lizzie Blaylock Books, 1) - Michael   Gallagher I won this book from Librarything for an honest review.To be more honest, i finished reading this book a month ago i.e, within a week of receiving the book but forgot to post a review. I am eagerly waiting for the next series as i loved reading this book so much. I read this book in two sittings.All the characters in the book were easily floating and still i remember their characters and their roles really well.Throughout the story i sympathized for Lizzy Baylock, a 13 year old school girl.i think the author would have gone through many pains while penning her character, just like myself. For instance, When she was forced to leave the school for the mistakes she didn't commit and given opportunity to work as a maid, i felt so much pain in my heart. But this couldn't be compared to the pain when she was beaten by her employer, then lost her father and do not know where else to live. I was able to picture it in my mind.The later part didn't touch me that much but i liked reading it anyway. When it is revealed that Simone cheated her by making everyone believe she has powers, i came to a conclusion that her powers were fake. But the story plot was so strong, the suspense of Lizzy Baylock's life secret nearly killed me. Overall, I could describe the bridge of dead things as a heavyily-balanced suspense thriller with nice turning points.In the next series, i did like a love story develop between Albert and Lizzy.


Perverse - Larry Rodness First of all, I have to thank the author for giving me such a wonderful book.This kind of Goth princess story is very new to me.I can't say how much i enjoyed reading this book.In the first half, the author gives us a little introduction about the main protagonist Emlyne stipe, a young second generation goth princess in Toronto, so that we can involve more with the story. It was a good start. The story is written in a very simple manner and also very light to read the book. Everything is picture clear.First half I can't say it is either fast paced or slow paced. It is equally balanced. We get a clue of Emylyn's character as a Goth princess and her stubbornness towards her parents. I liked her saying being a Goth feels more pain but being a goth princess gives much pain than that.Then the author surprises us with more interesting new characters.First, Nancy who is nick named as Nostra-Dame by Emyln. They soon become close friends who cannot be separated, even their own parents fail in this. Then one day, Nostra-dame's parents not able to tolerate their indecent acts, they leave Toronto and Emylene is left all alone.I thought Emyln was a lesbian.Then Stelio, a charming young man who enters her life.She is immediately attracted to him because of his intelligency.And enters Poinsettio, a strange girl who escaped from the painting that Emyln bought from an Antique shop. Now Stelio is dead.This worries Emyln even though she broke up with him.He is so young to die in a heart attack.How he died all of a sudden?These thoughts worries Emyln very much.The first half is flawless, very entertaining , i couldn't stop reading the book.I have to say very very honestly, I didn't really like the second half that much.It was very blunt at many places.I just felt there were more ramblings than to the story.Though i didn't like most part of the second half, i liked all the flashbacks of the Vrykolakas, how it all started and how Emlyn got involved in this mess.I also learnt what's this strange word mean by different people.And a nice turning point i don't want to really say this because of spoilers.I really didn't think this great suspense coming.But i guessed then dropped it off as the story was going to end.On the whole, the story is very well-written and neat.Loved the beginning, it's very perfect and i enjoyed so much reading.Loved the flashbacks of Vrykolakas and the ending. I really don't think anyone would miss such a great book like this one.This Goth and Vrykolokas story is a must read.Quotes from the book:“The symbol for eternal life,” she commented. “When a person dies her heart is weighed against the ‘feather of truth’.If the heart is heavier than the feather, it means the person has committed too many crimes…”“…and can never cross over…”“…and their soul is destined to wander forever.“All my life they told me I was special, but now all I feel is stupid.”“I look at you and I see the seed of something that could become a rare and magnificent flower. But to realize this you will need to have full control over your emotions, you will need to know what to do and when to do it without letting pride, remorse or misguided zeal get in your way.”

The Impaler's Revenge (The Impaler Legacy, #1)

The Impaler's Revenge - Ioana Visan I have to say this is the best vampire story ever.I enjoyed the story so much i can't wait for the next series.Everything in the story is clear and perfect and also the author's way of writing. This is a story of Liana Cantacuzino.She hates vampires.But what could she do if she is given a job to protect a vampire?That's where the story begins. Maximillian is a vampire who is called by the president himself for some reason which is not revealed to anyone including her.It is now Liana's duty to babysit Max and watch him closely so that he doesn't hurt anyone.The story accelerates even more from here.There is lot more you can expect from the book. It was Liana's false assumption that Max is the only vampire who is fortunate enough to live in their country.But this is not true.Vampires live almost everywhere in their country.There are many interesting characters which will keep you engaged to the book.Doctor Jesse, Liana's ex-boyfriend and Radu, a vampire hunter.There is lot of suspense, emotions which kept me hooked onto the story until the very end.I'm eagerly waiting to read the next series.Thanks to the author for giving me a free copy of the book.

The Second Bat Guano War

The Second Bat Guano War - J.M. Porup I was very happy to receive the book from the author.It's a well-written book with great details onto the characters and their backgrounds.This book revolves around Horace Mann whose nick name is horse.He lives his life by teaching English to the Criminals for which he is not very proud of .His first wife divorced him and sued him for child support even when he is not the real father.He feels guilty for his daughter's death , who was born to him and his second wife, Kate.His whole life is filled with guilt only due to the above said reasons.To forget this, he involves in drugs and other lifeless things. His life takes a new turn on the day he meets Pitt.Horace who was guilty for his mistakes was totally frozen by the crimes his new found friend has committed.From that day his life becomes a total mess.Horace sleeps with Lynn , Pitt's mother, hoping that Pitt wouldn't know.But sadly he does.It was the day Pitt disappears which makes things even worse. Lynn pleads him to find his son.He is used as a play-toy by almost everyone he meets in his life except Aurora.On the whole, i enjoyed so much reading this book, it is full of suspense, i wasn't able to guess what would happen next .Hardly i could guess who the real villain was who killed Lynn and those innocent people in the ashram.The author's writing in the beginning and in the ending wa good. But i didn't really like the story in between.

Gamescape (Serial: Ep. 1)

Gamescape (Serial: Ep. 1) - Cege Smith Won this as an ebook from Librarything giveaway.The story revolves around Laney grey who is close to death.Almost every doctor she meets tell her the same thing that her cancer is incurable. But one day a man named Victor tell her that her disease can be cured if she agrees to do the assignment that his pharmaceutical company give her even if it meant to kill people.Whether she agrees or not?What is going to happen to her if she agrees?This is the suspense that will be continued on next episode.

Rebel Alliances

Rebel Alliances - Chris Reher I haven't read the other two series of this novel but it doesn't really bother me from reading this series.It is very fast paced, interesting novel to read despite not reading the first two series , because of the female character Nova who also happens to be the central character in this novel.She is so brave and intelligent which is why she is kidnapped and held as a hostage by dangerous rebellions for the interface.Now it is left to Tychon her unwedded husband (a delpi)and his people to rescue her from the rebellions.It is no doubt that he saves her finally and takes her back to their house along with the new Delpi,Jovan. There are also some flaws in this novel,it is because I was unable to understand some of the lines nor relate with some of the main characters.But, Overall, I think the author has really done a great job by penning down the third series of the novel.I can't really wait to read the fourth series(becuase of the epilogue that is so inviting) and my true reason is that i want to see Cyann(Tychon's daughter) all grown up and so the author claims what really becomes of jovan. I also plan to read the first two series of this fascinating novel in my free time.

The Litigators

Litigators - John Grisham It's a very slow paced novel but definitely a must read book.David Zinc who works for a big law firm got far too tired and burned out becoz of his tight working schedule.One day, he goes to a bar and gets himself drunk for the whole day without telling anyone which includes his wife.Then sees an ad about a boutique law firm run by two partners Oscar & Wally. In a very drunken tone tells the two partners about his interests in working there.At first they didn't believe him.The story plot gears up from there.Overall, the story plot is very well knitted.

Words to inspire the winner in YOU

Words to inspire the winner in YOU - Roopleen http://periodicalgazette.blogspot.in/2013/06/words-to-inspire-winner-in-you-by.html

The Body Language Rules: A Savvy Guide to Understanding Who's Flirting, Who's Faking, and Who's Really Interested

The Body Language Rules: A Savvy Guide to Understanding Who's Flirting, Who's Faking, and Who's Really Interested - Judi James I was planning to read this book some two months ago but only now i got time to finish reading this book.This book was boring in the beginning but later reading more and more of the pages i was able to relate with the book.The body languages rules were complex and it needs practice to understand the body language rules.Overall, i enjoyed reading this book.