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This blog is dedicated to both fiction and non-fiction. My personal favorites in fiction are mainly contemporary romance, suspense thriller,  historical fiction and YA then in non-fiction, I love to review inspirational, self-improvement and finance related books. I review outside these genres also because of the fact I love to read.

The Crazy Algorithm of Love

The Crazy Algorithm of Love - Rajrupa Gupta I received this book through goodreads giveaway.This was my third Indian novel and i liked this most bcoz the story plot was very new and different from other novels i've read.I loved Mouni and Sam.They were a lovely couple. Ritu and Tarun were great friends to have for a lifetime.But after reading the second half, i felt like Mouni was not the best match for Sam.She doubted him very often.It was always Sam who had to give up and surrender to her.She was also egoistic, jealous when Sam was around with Sarah and before knowing Rebecca.But i loved the fact whenever Mouni needed him he was there. When Sam told her not to accept Patrick's offer,she doesn't agree and broke up with Sam.But after she learnt Patrick was a fraudulent person who stole Sam's company project, she realised what she had done.Then she along with Tarun and Binny made up a plan to bring Patrick's true identity into limelight which ended up in his suicide.She was also sued by the company for hacking.Again she ran for help but to Sam's father.But finally she said she was sorry.Sam forgave her, proposed to her two things-to be his partner in his own company and also his life for which she agreed happily.Then after five years she became a more self-confident and responsible person with that the novel ended.Over all,the story felt very fresh and real.I enjoyed very much reading this novel.