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This blog is dedicated to both fiction and non-fiction. My personal favorites in fiction are mainly contemporary romance, suspense thriller,  historical fiction and YA then in non-fiction, I love to review inspirational, self-improvement and finance related books. I review outside these genres also because of the fact I love to read.


Perverse - Larry Rodness First of all, I have to thank the author for giving me such a wonderful book.This kind of Goth princess story is very new to me.I can't say how much i enjoyed reading this book.In the first half, the author gives us a little introduction about the main protagonist Emlyne stipe, a young second generation goth princess in Toronto, so that we can involve more with the story. It was a good start. The story is written in a very simple manner and also very light to read the book. Everything is picture clear.First half I can't say it is either fast paced or slow paced. It is equally balanced. We get a clue of Emylyn's character as a Goth princess and her stubbornness towards her parents. I liked her saying being a Goth feels more pain but being a goth princess gives much pain than that.Then the author surprises us with more interesting new characters.First, Nancy who is nick named as Nostra-Dame by Emyln. They soon become close friends who cannot be separated, even their own parents fail in this. Then one day, Nostra-dame's parents not able to tolerate their indecent acts, they leave Toronto and Emylene is left all alone.I thought Emyln was a lesbian.Then Stelio, a charming young man who enters her life.She is immediately attracted to him because of his intelligency.And enters Poinsettio, a strange girl who escaped from the painting that Emyln bought from an Antique shop. Now Stelio is dead.This worries Emyln even though she broke up with him.He is so young to die in a heart attack.How he died all of a sudden?These thoughts worries Emyln very much.The first half is flawless, very entertaining , i couldn't stop reading the book.I have to say very very honestly, I didn't really like the second half that much.It was very blunt at many places.I just felt there were more ramblings than to the story.Though i didn't like most part of the second half, i liked all the flashbacks of the Vrykolakas, how it all started and how Emlyn got involved in this mess.I also learnt what's this strange word mean by different people.And a nice turning point i don't want to really say this because of spoilers.I really didn't think this great suspense coming.But i guessed then dropped it off as the story was going to end.On the whole, the story is very well-written and neat.Loved the beginning, it's very perfect and i enjoyed so much reading.Loved the flashbacks of Vrykolakas and the ending. I really don't think anyone would miss such a great book like this one.This Goth and Vrykolokas story is a must read.Quotes from the book:“The symbol for eternal life,” she commented. “When a person dies her heart is weighed against the ‘feather of truth’.If the heart is heavier than the feather, it means the person has committed too many crimes…”“…and can never cross over…”“…and their soul is destined to wander forever.“All my life they told me I was special, but now all I feel is stupid.”“I look at you and I see the seed of something that could become a rare and magnificent flower. But to realize this you will need to have full control over your emotions, you will need to know what to do and when to do it without letting pride, remorse or misguided zeal get in your way.”