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This blog is dedicated to both fiction and non-fiction. My personal favorites in fiction are mainly contemporary romance, suspense thriller,  historical fiction and YA then in non-fiction, I love to review inspirational, self-improvement and finance related books. I review outside these genres also because of the fact I love to read.

The Vampire Underground

The Vampire Underground - Brian  Rowe Is there anyone who doesn't like vampire stories?If the answer is "yes", then i appreciate you skip this novel for good.But if you really are a die hard fan , then no wonder you will become a fan of this author.You are not just going to read the book.As the characters are easily floating, you can visualise it as a picture.The vampire underground is full of fun and entertainment, i enjoyed so much reading it.I also finished reading the novel with one sitting.I usually have the habit of skipping the prologue but not for this one.The prologue is the main reason that kept me glued to the novel.The main character in the novel is Brin Skar, a 16 year old girl who enters her new year in Grisly high school where her bestfriend Ash also studies.She loves movies but not a big fan of horror movies instead she likes comedies and entertainment.What happens if she is a given an assignment to do a short film based on this genre?.Can she declain it?If she does her team of six Anaya, Chace, Lavender, Sawyer and Dylan loses their grade along with her.Apparently she has other problems than doing this short film.She wants to direct the film herself so as her team mate, Anaya, a five hundred pound, fat, ambitious girl with big dreams of becoming not just a director but a great director.They both fight at the beginning, but since anaya offers her a deal, Brin accepts, then changes her mind, later loses her spot due to her lack of preparation of the script.Now they all go to Bodie Ghost town as per Anaya's say eventhough the town is closed only to film their shoot illegally but less they know about the other dangerous creatures living there.It is very clear from the novel title, it is the vampires that is haunting the Ghost town.But how re they going to survive?They can't really escape the town without the help of a supenatural power.Like it is in everyother vampire stories, here also there is a male vampire , Paul who comes to help Brin save her friends and reach their house safely.The question is how many can he safe as they are really outnumbered among the hundreds of vampires.I felt very strange in Paul's character, why he wants to help Brin.I mean he is a vampire not exactly a vampire because of certain privileges they enjoy, if he helps her he is sure to be killed.There's a twist here that was beyond what you and i had expected and imagined in our minds.My most favorite character in the novel is Ash, i am a huge fan of each and every line he speaks.According to me, he is the only real, funniest and coolest character in the novel.His speech flows out naturally.I still remember all of his funny dialogues .The fights between the students are also very funny but what is more funnier is their gripings to the teacher asking to change their roles in the short film they are going to make.I also loved the fact since this is the first in the many upcoming series, the character development is more than the romance between the main characters. I could very well feel the depth of the characters like they are actually one of us.What i didn't like in this almost perfect novel is the vampires gathering part for a grand ritual to kill Brin's friends.I felt like it was over exaggerated.Overall, i would say this is the kind of novel that should be read on a nice weekend.This novel is even better than twilight.It has all elements like humor, horror, sentiments, friendship, romance and rivalry.Thanks to the author for giving me a free ecopy of the novel.I can't wait to read the next series because of my three favorites, Brin, Paul and Ash.http://periodicalgazette.blogspot.in/2013/06/the-vampire-underground.html