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This blog is dedicated to both fiction and non-fiction. My personal favorites in fiction are mainly contemporary romance, suspense thriller,  historical fiction and YA then in non-fiction, I love to review inspirational, self-improvement and finance related books. I review outside these genres also because of the fact I love to read.

Saving Wishes

Saving Wishes - G.J. Walker-Smith Charlotte Elisabeth Blake is a 17 year girl who lives with her brother Alex Blake in Piper's cove, Tasmania, a small village in Australia. She is the kind of girl every mother warns you about. She always lives in La La Land. She and her best friend Nicole plan to spend their long-term dream for ten years by travelling the best places in the world. So they try to save as much as they could for their luxurious travel since this year will be the end of their school life. Then Adam comes into picture, her French teacher's cousin. The world changes around her when he enters her life, to be precise, enters her world. He is a 21 year old guy who is flawless and perfect in all the ways. There is no reason for a golden boy like him to love a trouble maker like Charlie. He could get any girl he wants as he is also filthy rich .But blame it on the destiny. They fall madly in love. If not for Adam I would have given up reading the novel. According to me, he was the only sane character in the novel. I had my doubts on Gabrielle after her love life with Charli's brother Alex was let loose. I wasn't able to like Charlie's father either (*Spoiler Alert*her 34 year old brother was her biological father)because no father would say their daughters a big trouble in front of other people. And also not interfere and shatter their love life into pieces, if the person they fell in love with is not only a good one but a god sent. May be I think her young father was having trouble with a fact that she might not need him after she has him. But that was really a selfish thing to do when he has his lover Gabrielle.So I am against supporting all the characters in the novel except Gabrielle and Adam at the end of this series. For me, it was a love-hate relationship with the main character, Charli. She is not a puppet. She is going to be eighteen and she can make her own decision. I know her life was a mess, but now what she is doing is making more mistakes than before.Overall, I love Adam for his kindness and unconditional love he offered to charli, Gabrielle for her peace making and Alex for being trustworthy. And now goes my haters list, Nicole(You'll hate her at the end) , the beautifuls , Ethan, Mitchell and also Charli. After hating Charli, I still am eagerly waiting for the second series of this novel only because of Adam.Does he still love Charli?I can find out only after reading the next series.My rating:3.5