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This blog is dedicated to both fiction and non-fiction. My personal favorites in fiction are mainly contemporary romance, suspense thriller,  historical fiction and YA then in non-fiction, I love to review inspirational, self-improvement and finance related books. I review outside these genres also because of the fact I love to read.

Mangled Hearts: 1

Mangled Hearts - Felicia Tatum I was very excited to read the novel not because I liked the book blurb. It is mainly due to author's note in the beginning of the novel."This book is dedicated to all the "Cade"s of the world. I hope you find your peace. ""This book has been really hard for me to write, not because it’s a bad story, but because some of it is based on real feelings, emotions. I hope you all enjoy it."How can someone be not intrigued by these words? So I was very sure that the author has a strong message to convey to the readers and it was proved when I finished reading the novel.Felicia Tatum is a great author. I have to really, really appreciate her for writing this incredible novel. I haven't read any of her previous novels but I liked her mangled hearts. This novel coveys a good social message to all those reading the novel.Francesca is a perfect, fine young woman. She is also a lawyer and is loved very dearly by all her friends. Cade, on the other hand, is a big alcoholic and a drug addict. He is warned by everyone for his severe addiction to alcohol. His life is a good example for how a man should not live. They are the two opposite people who are not destined to love each other atleast not for the second time. But nobody can blame it on the destiny. Unfortunately, she cannot avoid him this time not after knowing he is her first client. She has to somehow deal with this fact and get him off her shoulder as soon as she can. Cade is also shocked to find out she is appointed as his lawyer but he is very eager to meet her unlike her and now wants to make amendments for his past mistakes. Francesca shouldn't be with Cade. He doesn't deserve her. It is because of him, her life was miserable when she was studying in high school. She can never let that happen again. She doesn't want to repeat the same thing she did eight years ago.It is very rare to find a novel that gives equal importance to both female and male characters. It was very thoughtful of her to right this way. If you are thinking about reading a novel that gives you a lot of meaning, never miss reading this one.Overall, it was a great experience reading this novel. My only complaint in the otherwise perfect novel was the letter writing part. I am sure the author knows what I am referring to.