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Poetic Expressions Vol. V

Poetic Expressions Vol. V - Carl McKever

As soon as I laid my eyes on the impressive hard cover of the book I couldn't wait to read it.I was very sure, the book will sound more promising than it's lovely cover and the book description.Once again due to my never, ever ending TBR list I had to postpone it which is a sad thing but I am now glad to say i loved the book.


Inside the book, I found all the 14 short stories and three poems to be a compelling read and I must say I was so much enthralled by some of the stories that I couldn't get it off my mind till now. I was totally immersed into the book.


My favorite short stories are Provocativeness, The Masses, A cup of coffee will do, Living in the moment and Wordy world. These are also the stories that I treasure the most in this book.


My special likings goes to The wordy world as it was a different take on rest of the stories. It is very rare to find such imaginative and yet a meaningful one nowadays because of the new concept that happens around a kingdom where Dictionary and Thesaurus is also present for their work is to develop new, new words. We all know that thesaurus is not so popular when comparing to Dictionary. There's a story here which I don't want to reveal.


Paparazzi was another great story which I liked, it was nice but it's not my cup of tea. I should really say the author has done a fabulous job in penning down his thoughts and imagination on Poetic Expressions.


As I mentioned earlier there were three poems, if you ask me which one's my favorite I would say " Cake Batter". This poem depicts beautifully the unconditional love of a mother.


That being said, I don't want to give away too much insights to the book so as to avoid spoilers. When I finished reading, I got a feeling that I am indeed very blessed to have received this wonderful book by the author.